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Vile Apparition – Depravity Ordained

vile apparition – depravity ordained

A Lot of people differ when it comes to comparing a band or trying to even bring up a comparison at all. But Vile Apparition bring the heat with this album and the Suffocation worship here and I couldn’t be more stoked on it. Think of a more old school Suffocation sound though. It’s not a bad thing AT ALL..

There are plenty of riffs to go around on this one starting with the first song appropriately named, “Mauled and Nameless” which does exactly that, mauls your face and leave you unrecognizable. Moving through the album it keeps the energy going big time. “Malevolent Aphantasia” might be my favorite riff off the album in the beginning with the big dive bomb that just throws you into a frenzy of groove oriented song writing.

All in all this is a very solid outing for these Australian Death Metal giants. coming off an already impressive demo, “Atrocious Captivity” which fucking rips! These guys haven’t slowed down in the slightest and make this full length worth listening too for any extreme music lover. Don’t miss out on this as I’m sure it’ll be on some end of the year lists. 2019 coming in HOT! (JonG)