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Veneration – Thy Infernal [EP]

veneration – thy infernal [ep]

Fueled by fiery wrath, devoted to darkness, Veneration arise from the underground of Indonesia…and they arise with an EP filled with Old School Black Metal with hints of Thrash and even Blackened Heavy Metal-like melodies.

The echoing vocals gives it an ancient and occult atmosphere which is a nice combination with the riffs and melodies I mentioned before. One hand you’re listening to a more hybrid of Nifelheim, Sarcofago and Beherit and again..the aforementioned melodies, on the other hand it starts a lot like Celtic Frost meets punkish Darkthrone (for example “Infernal Wraath”) but shifts into a nice Blackened Heavy Metal riff afterwards.

Although every second is Old School to the bone, the variation and melodies gives it a nice twist to make this a very enjoyable EP. (Ricardo)