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Vanquishor – Shadows of Exile [EP]

vanquishor – shadows of exile [ep]

At the end of 2018 Vanquishor from Kentucky, USA, released their debut EP filled with Technical and slightly Progressive thrashy Death Metal. I can write a whole epistle about the style but why sugar-coat the obvious? You will hear all kind of bits and parts within the Death Metal realm on this EP, but it is easier if I can give you an example or two, isn’t it? Let’s take a song like “Worms”, which starts a bit dissonant and midtempo but transforms into a middle part that has quite a Brutality (vocal pattern) and Pestilence (riffs in the vein of “Testimony of the Ancients”) vibe going on. After that it is a chopping midtempo USA Death Metal riff that leads the listener to the end of the song.

Also the first 14 seconds of the title track gives me an “AAAARRRGGGHHH…this sounds so familiar!” alert, but after hearing it for the 25th time and listening to parts of 14 other albums, I just have to throw in the towel into the ring and accept my loss. Vanquishor vs. Dutch Bastard 1-0. I bet it will pop up at a totally unrelated moment in a day or two…I hear a lot of pace changes and ideas within every song which one can describe as refreshing, but also a bit restless. I understand what they try to show but not everything blends in, which is a shame cause these guys can play.

Still this is their first effort and they can only grow. Hopefully they will take a good listen to a couple of albums which beholds lots of ideas but does blend fluently, like Nocturnus’”The Key” , Carcariass’ “Killing Process” and Pestilence’s “Testimony of the Ancients” to name a few. Sure, I raise the bar high but we are not talkin’ about a Venom coverband, are we? (Ricardo)