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Vampire – Vampire

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As mentioned in our interview, these guys released a tape which gave them a lot of attention. It was not a matter if they got a deal, but who would sign them. Century Media picked them up to strengthen their position in the Old School scene as they also have signed Thanatos, Necrowretch, Miasmal and the resurrected Soulburn (“Feeding on Angels” is one hell of an album!) with Eric Daniels, Bob Bagchus and Henri Sattler. Some already turned their backs on Vampire, because it is a “hype” or because of the fact they have signed a deal with Century Media. Wankers. The mysterious band members “Hand of Doom”, “Black String”, “Command” and “Ratwing” have made an album full of 1980s Old School Death Metal with hints of Thrash and Black which were common in those days. Tom Warrior’s trademark, the well-known “Ugh!”, is present as well. “Ofcourse” was my first reaction. And if you want it completely Celtic Frost, just take a listen to “Jaws Of The Unknown”. But also Pentacle and Grotesque can be mentioned while listening to the self-titled debut of Vampire. Sometimes they even throw in an obscure NWOBHM-lead in a track which fits in great like on “Black Desert”. The tracks of the tape are on the album as well, including my personal favorite “At Midnight I’ll possess your corpse”. If bands like Celtic Frost, Pentacle, Repugnant and Grotesque get your juices running, Vampire is more than a good addition to your collection! (Ricardo)