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Uuntar – Voorvadervereering

uuntar – voorvadervereering

Epic and melodic Pagan Black Metal. I don’t know about you, but I don’t stumble upon a lot of releases in that particular style anymore. Assuming you haven’t bought 20 releases of Pagan Black Metal yourself last month, I would like to introduce to you: Uuntar. Although “Voorvadervereering” is recorded in 2010, it has been on the shelves for 8 years and I’m glad they decided to release it. This Dutch two-piece honour fallen warriors and their traditions concerning burial rites and grave mounds in the past. These ancient Germanic melancholic compositions is brought to you by 2 veterans who are or were also involved in acts like Lugubre, Kjeld, Heimdalls Wacht, Tarnkappe, Cultus and Standvast to name a few underground acts who have released albums that are received well by those who follow a thing or two within the Black Metal scene. It is crystal clear what the lyrical content is about, but the same goes for the musical influences. The Polish scene and especially Graveland are present in the epic and majestic exposition of the Pagan riffs and the atmospheric use of the keyboard. Take a listen to “Een Germaansche grafheuvel” or “Lof op ‘t hunebed” and you will be taken to the ancient time of cold winters near the forests of Tuianti, Threant and Grouninga. This is a fine piece of Epic Melodic Pagan Black Metal, no doubt about that! (Ricardo)