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Urn – Iron Will of Power

urn – iron will of power

“Iron Will of Power” is the 5th album from Urn; Finland’s purveyors of blackened thrash blasphemy released by Season of Mist Records.

Riding high on the flames of 2017’s “The Burning”, Urn deliver more of the same melodic, fist pumping Thrash metal across the 9 new tracks presented here. It would appear that vocalist/bassist Sulphur is the only member from the previous albums line-up (and only original member) to make it onto “Iron Will of Power” but you wouldn’t notice from listening as the song writing and playing are on par with the band’s previous output.

Immediatley after my first listen I had some riffs stuck in my head which I attribute to the high output of melodical charged rhythm & lead guitars that permeate the songs. The riffs are a balance of blistering evil and soaring melody that lends ease to the need to bang your head. Drum and bass are the usual artillery assault that accompanies blackened Thrash, relentless and merciless. Vocally, I would make a comparison to AC Wild of Italian band Bulldozer, a snarl breaking into shouts with a Black Metal rasp here and there.

After having set a fairly high-bar for themselves, Urn have shown on “Iron Will to Power” that they can continue to summon up evil heavy metal of the highest order. Grab a 6 pack and bang your head. (Ted Gloom)