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Unnatural – Cursed [EP]

unnatural – cursed [ep]

Dismal Fate Records yet again serves a rotten dish of putrid old school Death Metal. Keep ’em coming i’dd say. I like those dishes; a cover design i have to hide for my kids, bad for my speakers, like honey to my ears.

Unnatural pukes out a two track demo. First off I have to mention the guitar sound,…what the fuck is that, sounds like two tectonic plates shifting places. “Graveside”, track numero uno, is like a mean, unexpected headbutt to the nose. Rages out of my speakers with that nasty, crunchy guitar sound, the track gets even more exxxtreme when the two vocalspitters open up their pieholes. A deep, articulated ork with infected hemorrhoids grunt and a hysterical psychopath scream that sounds like he’s in the room next to yours and he’s trying to get in. Halfway the band shifts into higher gear, suddenly i find myself tearing up my living room, boil my children in vinegar and munching on my wife’s index finger.

During “Cremation Rites” i calm down a bit, kicking my dog in the nuttsack, shoving a spoon up my guinea pigs little pooper. The second track hasn’t got the same impact as the first one, but is certainly a more than decent effort.

“Cursed” is a great demo girls. It definitely brings out the sunshine in you. (Franki_boj)