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Unleashed – Odalheim

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Unleashed is like peanutbutter. Maybe not your first choice, but never disappointing. The 11th album of the true Vikings of Death Metal is a beyond a good asset of their discography. The riffs are mostly more uptempo than on “As Yggdrasil Trembles”, which I categorise as an advantage as their best songs are mostly uptempo. The riffs during the choruses of “White Christ” and “By Celtic and British Shores” (along with Churchill-like lyrics…”We shall never surrender”) are great examples of the well-known Unleashed-mark. During some riffs you can’t deny the Black Metal vibe that is present like on the opening track “Fimbulwinter”. The typical Unleashed sound and song writing along with Hedlund’s charismatic vocals are obvious, but be honest…you don’t want it any other way!(Ricardo)