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Undergang – Doden Laeger Alle Sar

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Well… and now Undergang part 3. Undergang from Denmark plays fucking filthy Necro Death Metal!!! What does that mean??? OK, I think it is a form from nasty and mucky old school Death Metal but not the Swedish way like Dismember, Entombed or Wombbath or the Florida sound from bands as Obituary, Morbid Angel or Six Feet Under. They play a mix like some Finish Death Metal acts like Depravity, Purtenance and Demilich (but without the nerve-jangling and deep growls from Mikko Virnes of Demilich) and in the vein of Cemetery Urn from Australia and their erstwhile split partner Funebrarum. And this sound is so fucking bone crushing good, I love it. The album tempo is very uniform with some outliers in some fast parts but mainly governs the mid-tempo. There are of course some cool Doom parts that stick in your ear. The vocals are very dark, roaring, inhuman and deep but also very original. You have to imagine that Undergang uses great riffs and the songs crack only in your guts. No melodies, hardly no solo guitars. It’s all about riffs , fat crushing drums, pumping basses and of course more ingenious riffs. So the 3rd album is like the previous ones and brings really good music. Who loves original Death Metal acts must buy this record. For me it’s already an all-time favorite. (Sven)