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Undead Prophecies – False Prophecies

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Undead manages to combine two ongoing worldwide trends in one band; being total anonymous without any digital trail and creating music which is sort of homage of a band. So there is no history or origin of Undead and therefore we can skip the mumbo-jumbo and go right to the music. Undead should tour with Gruesome. There you have it, Undead is also a Huge-Death-Influenced band, only they are dealing with the period of time after “Leprosy”. Well. Mostly that is. Let’s say, this could be the album between “Leprosy” and “Spiritual Healing”. Truth to be told; there is also a Pestilence (“Testimony of the Ancient”) and Massacre vibe going on here. And again, like with Gruesome, some will just call them cheap copycats or something like that. I myself have enjoyed this copy-cat. In their own words: “Chuck passed on something huge and we’re here to revive this: The origins of Death Metal!”. Well…come on iiiiiiinnnn. Have a seat, you want a beer? (Ricardo)