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Unburied – Murder 101

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Mark Riddick has a wonderful 2012 if you ask me. A lot of artwork jobs, the release of a book with artwork, galleries and when we look at music you can mark the releases of Macabra, Fetid Zombie and Unburied. But to come clean right at the beginning, Unburied will never be the highlight of that summary. Despite the “Old School Death Metal to the bone”-attitude and tag, Unburied have huge Hardcore drumrolls or riffs in it. The vocals of Matt Pike are Hardcore-hoarse as well to give strengthen it. Nothing wrong with Hardcore, but if I would like to listen to it, I would rather put on some Agnostic Front or Blood for Blood than Unburied. Still, there are some 100% Death Metal tracks on this album like “The Kidnapper” which is in the Cannibal Corpse (fast parts) and Six Feet Under (slower parts) vein. Although the artwork is top notch, the music on this disc is disappointing. (Ricardo)