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Ululate – Back to Cannibal World

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Primitive raw Old School Death Metal from China, who once featured on a Burzum tribute with one of my favorite Burzum tracks: “Feeble Screams from Forests Unknown”. Something doesn’t add up here. Ululate, formed in 2001, started as a raw Black Metal one-man project. After a full-length, EP and a 3 way split dedicated to the outbreak of SARS in China, it became quiet since 2006. After 8 years without releasing any new material, there was a news item on the Xtreem Music homepage, revealing the signing of Ululate. There is not really an explanation why Spectre transformed his brainchild from raw and bleak Black Metal to primitive horror-themed Death Metal, but after hearing some old Ululate tracks, I think he made the right decision. The description which accompanied the tracks, mentions influences of old Immolation, Autopsy and early Carbonized, which I can relate to. It is as blunt and primitive as Autopsy but it also has twists as old Immolation and early Carbonized. Also great artwork by Cesar Valladeres, who used mythical creatures from Chinese Hell and the character Jiang shi, a reanimated corpse whose “evil half” has not leave this world along its “good half”, Jiang Shi behaves like a vampiric zombie. Although this is not for everyone, I pretty sure the enthusiasts of Old School Death Metal with a twist, will enjoy this one. (Ricardo)