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Ulcerot – Necuratu [Demo]

ulcerot – necuratu [demo]

What if, and hear me out on this one…what if, you put members who have Undergang, Dequisitor, Pissgrave and Phrenelith on their curriculum vitae, in a steaming studio with the task to do what they are good at, but infuse it with some old school Grindcore?

Well, you don’t have to imagine it as Ulcerot is the living proof of it. So teeth-grinding up-tempo rage , slime-drenched slow parts, low and distorted vocals, maniacal drums, it is all there…when you hear the two tracks on this demo, you hear they have mixed their main bands with Carcass’”Reek Of Putrefaction”.

I think I’ve verbally tickled enough genitals…if my parole-officer is reading along, I said verbally…to make one curious about Ulcerot. Let the bowel movement begin! (Ricardo)