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Tyakrah – Wintergedanken

tyakrah – wintergedanken

I have had my fair share of Black Metal (or related to Black Metal) in the German language, in the end of 1990s / early 2000. Bought the glossy Ablaze Magazine with the compilation and every time you got something from the Last Episode rooster to listen to. Bands like Dunkelgrafen, Cryptic Carnage, Grabnebelfürsten, Dies Ater, Andras…and the one that tops it all; Mystic Circle…to name a few of that label which was very active in those days. And nowadays, lyrics sung in the German langue are still a part of the Black Metal underground. This time it is Tyakrah, founded by 2 individuals called I.XII and J.R. in 2016. Tyakrah plays their mid-tempo Black Metal with despair and sorrow, along with calm (ambient) soundscapes. The purpose was to create something cold and atmospheric as well as melancholic and depressive. Like the Winter itself, of which the lyrical concept and beautiful artwork of  “Wintergedanken” is based on. Can’t say they haven’t achieve that, but after a couple of spins I also can’t say they have created something out of the ordinary although the leads are a nice addition. But if you spin an album of Wigrid, Strid, Ellende or Wedard once in a while, feel free to check “Wintergedanken” of Tyakrah out. (Ricardo)