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Trono Além Morte – O Olhar Atento da Escuridão

trono além morte – o olhar atento da escuridão

Another formation and another album from Portugal, in this case a debut called “O Olhar Atento da Escuridão“. Trono Além Morte are performing a very raw and ritualistic Black Metal form, with low-fi production which works in their favour, helping to create a very obscure and dark atmosphere. The black and white artwork tells a lot about the image which is clearly in the nineties. The album clocks in at 45 minutes, being composed by lengthier songs between 5 and 11 minutes of cruel Black Metal with stretched words being spit in to the night as the vocal performance is sheer craziness. I haven`t found a lot of information about them, only that they belong to the clandestine Aldebaran Circle and prior to the album they released a demo and a split. Golden age Black Metal fans should check this out as the guitars are icy, repetitive, embracing and enchanting. The bass has got some great lines (the production is well balanced, another plus) and the drums vary a lot in beats, speeds and fills. Do not expect to find some hooks or something. This is black metal not for the masses, but for the MASS. When the guitar is lacking of variation in riffing (the ritualistic approach tends to that but it is an important part of it), the bass and the drums do their work to keep it interesting. Fand of LLN/Les Légions Noires, old Scandinavian bands and Nidrosian Black Metal in general should check this out. (DPF)