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Trépas – L’héritage du monde

trépas – l’héritage du monde

Canadian Atmospheric Black Metal five-piece Trépas clearly couldn’t wait to get their debut album underway. No demo or EP release to whet the appetite, and no intro into this opus either. Just straight into some fast paced Black Metal and to hell with everything else. ‘L’héritage du monde’ (The heritage of the world) then sees these Quebecois gentlemen engage in a series of softer melodies and calmer harmonies, punctuated by the ferocious roars of front man Goliatt. As far as opening songs go, ‘Rivages Sombres’ certainly lets you know just what Trépas are all about; a constant balancing act between brazen full throttle Black Metal and a more pleasant, softer underbelly.

Here in lies the problem though. Whilst the production is crisp, the musicianship of a very high quality and the vocals powerful and fierce, the bands overall sound is very generic and each song swiftly blends into the next with no real difference between them. Not only that, I’m not convinced by the bands Atmospheric tag either. What Trépas offer up is the same as hundreds of other Black Metal bands, and the odd melodic interlude scattered into the maelstrom does not an Atmospheric Black Metal band make. I really do want to like ‘L’héritage du monde’ because it isn’t a bad album. It’s performed well and it has a all the hallmarks of a great sounding Black Metal album. A great album whose potential is wasted by mediocre song writing. (Luke Hayhurst)