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Trenchrot – Necronomic Warfare

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If you have read our first issue, you probably already recognized the bandname as there is a positive demo review as well as a lengthy interview (most credits go to Gabriel of Nihilistic Holocaust distro/zine) with these guys as content in our debut issue. In the interview the band stated “”It was very important to us when we started this band that we not place any high aspirations on it. We just wanted to crank out a demo and see what happened.” Well, here you go, this happened! A debut album and a lot of reviews and recognition. The musical direction is still the same Bolt Thrower / Asphyx (slower Doom parts, Martin van Drunen-vocals) alike Old School Death Metal with SweDeath riffs and d-beat influences. The groove is there, as well as some howling guitar leads At the end the three tracks of the “Dragged Down to Hell”-demo are kicking in to complete this fine Old School Death Metal debut. (Ricardo)