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Transcendence – Towards Obscurities Beyond

transcendence – towards obscurities beyond

For the ones who are following the Death Metal scene closely and thoroughly, have noticed all kind of trends throughout the last couple of years. Certain acts gained success, praise and notice by fans and media, which results in popping out new bands in the same style, mostly because when someone hear something cool, he or she would like to find out if they can match it as well.

And you have acts who are going the other way in an one way street; Transcendence being one of them. This bunch of 5 fine gentleman are probably living the sunny live in Los Angles, California, but took the more cold and dark atmospheric part of the Old School Swedish Death Metal. On this debut full-length you will go back to the days of Necrophobic’s “The Nocturnal Silence”, Unanimated’s “In the Forest of the Dreaming Dead”, Dissection’s “The Somberlain” and Bloodstone’s “Hour of the Gate”, with the Necrophobic album as blueprint of the sound, approach and songwriting.

Oh, the songwriting…I’m impressed they captured the spirit without sounding like they are copying riff after riff, this is a genuine album for sure. But you don’t have to take my word for it, although, would be a lot easier if you do, just take a listen yourself if the aforementioned albums get your juices running. (Ricardo)