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Trajeto de Cabra – Supreme Command of Satanic Will

trajeto de cabra – supreme command of satanic will

“Supreme Command of Satanic Will”, the debut full-length by Canadian Black/Death assault Trajeto de Cabra (“Path of Goat” in English) is as malignant as it needs to be. The stellar-dark environment of the record is related to the resonance of Weregoat, Pseudogod, Abysmal Lord, Necroholocaust and other similar figures. If you happen to be a fan of these mentioned bands, you are welcome to check the relentless Black/Death warfare this album has to offer.

The album strikes a barrage of missiles to the listener’s attention with a ghastly violent outbreak. No unnecessary intro, outro, and interludes took place in the album’s tracklist- it just consists seven complete tracks and takes no prisoners in terms of delivering unabating ferocity. From first to last, a bestial hellish aura dominates the album. Guitarworks here are super raw and pitch-black-gloomy. You cannot overlook the nasty tone of the snare here, and the way the drummer beats it in an out-of-control manner, it works excellently as icing on the cake. The trio have aptly been able to add proper flavor to the songs, for which their composition does not sound boring or uninteresting from any context. (Osmani)