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Totten Korps – Supreme Commanders of Darkness

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Formed in 1989, Totten Korps are sure one of the oldest extreme metal bands from Chile. 14 years have past since the last and only album „Tharnheim: Athi-Land-Nhi; Ciclopean Crypts of Citadels“ came out but the wait was worth it. American inspired death metal at high octane with blasting drum action, technical ability by the entire band, top notch production and deep grunts . Take Morbid Angel from Covenant to Gateways era with some Hate Eternal here and there, some great leads(Carcass comes to mind), and Nile-ish passages and atmospheres though the entire album. If you like US death metal, this is your thing. A brutal comeback no one expected, or at least not me. Good to see a proper release on vinyl for this year through Blood Harvest after the first CD release in December 2015 and February 2016. Their best work so far. (DPF)