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Totalitarian [ITA] – Bloodlands [EP]

totalitarian [ita] – bloodlands [ep]

Nihilistic onslaught from central Italy in form of the second album by Totalitarian called “Bloodlands”. The Italians deliver misanthropic BLACK Metal not made for wimps. History has shown multiple times the ugly face of humanity and Totalitarian show us exactly our thirst for extermination and annihilation.Something that for the better of the universe should occur to mankind itself…but I`ll leave this now.

Soundwise they deliver dark, mostly fast paced Marduk inspired Black Metal fuelled with blasts, tremolo picking and grim fire spitting tongues from down below. They are not shy to incorporate some melody here and there but always keeping the frenzy maniacal chaotic nature of their sound. Something I really like and seek in Black Metal in general. The bass has it`s audible and prominent parts too If you listen to it very carefully. The drummer not only blasts the shit out of every can but also knows how to keep it interesting with cool fills and groove works on cymbals and the beats themselves. The vocals are pure aggression and proclaim words of destruction and manifests of genocide. Then all of a sudden some clean operatic like voice kicks in during the song Of “Bullets And Gass”, I have to name you this title as it is my favourite track on the record. The closing marching instrumental closes the album in a perfect way. Killer! (DPF)