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Tombs – Monarchy of Shadows [EP]

tombs – monarchy of shadows [ep]

Looking through the, very handy, archives here at VM-UNDERGROUND, I find that it is rather odd to see that there is not a single review from the mighty Tombs here. This group of Black/Post-Metal, Death tinged monsters have been around since the year 2007 and have been releasing something just about every year. I guess I should say that this group is more of a main man and a constantly turning over line-up. Mastermind Mike Hill is Tombs much like Steve Austin is Today Is The Day, where the band is their baby and the other players are hand picked for their amazing talents and the direction the band is going at the time.

And what do they sound like, if you don’t already know, you may be asking. I defer to my amazing wife here. So here is what she said after supremely rocking out. “Sick riffs that tear at you from the inside… Black/Death Post-Metal that not only meets its mark– it barrels through and decimates everything in its path. With deep vocals contrasting and accompanying the more expected screams of anguish, that reverberate from inside your chest, and shatter your ribcage as they tear their way out, it’s difficult to not give “Monarchy of Shadows” the attention it deserves.” And that is really all you need to know.  (Ben Schultz with help from Leeandra Schultz)