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Tomb – Gates of Gehenna [EP]

tomb – gates of gehenna [ep]

Gather around, oh disciples of the unholy spirits of evil…Tomb from Malaysia is here.

If you enjoy the Ancient South American Extreme releases, the Asian influences of Abhorer, the mystique of the late 80s/early 90s Mediterranean area as well as Master’s Hammer, some old Beherit and a pinch of the first two Ancient Rites albums you get some kick ass Old School thrashin’ Black/Death Metal.

“Gates of Gehenna” has a bit of that all, not focussing on brutal savagery but taking the listener to a ritual of the cult, the journey of a sacrifice. The melodies are dark, the vocals of Sarcophagus are raw as well as possessed and the rhythms are galloping. This is definitely one great EP if you are into that particular part of Extreme Metal and don’t care for something called “innovation” or “something of this day and age”.

Oh lets summon the unholy spirits of evil… (Ricardo)