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Three Dead Fingers – Breed of The Devil

three dead fingers – breed of the devil

Three Dead Fingers…is this some kind of fetish in the world of necrophilia? Take a good look at the chart, before you know it you pick the deceased one with leprosy…

These Swedish Teenage Mutant Ninja Thrashers could throw you on the wrong track, as the album cover and logo looks quite old School and more towards the Death Metal category, but when you hear the tracks you get a more mid-tempo, slightly modern yet almost friendly kind of melodic mixture of US and Swedish Thrash Metal with gang shouts that is infused with Swedish melodic Death Metal and Heavy Metal at some parts.

Nowadays Metallica with youthful playfulness and a wink towards mid-The Haunted and Arch Enemy. The vocal range is between a harsh one (a bit like nowadays Chuck Billy) and a clean non-aggressive one, of which the age of the vocalist could be a factor.

Look, I can’t say it is bad or average album, but for me it sounds like a young playful dog that barks but doesn’t bite. But who knows, maybe they will surprise me with a new album or any side-projects. (Ricardo)