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Terrormight – A Moment [EP]

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Strange…a more modern sounding Melodic Death Metal album, yet I’m intrigued. Something that doesn’t occur a lot within this genre as a lot of bands don’t deliver the musical quality of the Melodic Death Metal scene back in the 1990s. The fact that I’m intrigued probably has something to do with this Korean band playing their Melodic Death Metal without any screams or –core like blending. A bit Swedish in the late 1990s (Dark Tranquillity’s “Projector” or In Flames “Whoracle”, but not really exact copies, let’s say influenced), combined with lot of (twin) guitar leads and a growl. It gives me a Intestine Baalism’s “Banquet in Darkness” flashback at some moments. Terrormight doesn’t match any of the bands or albums I mentioned, still the songs are interesting enough to make me want to follow the steps of this band. A slight critical remark would be the “lead/riff-recycling” during the track “A Moment”. Sometimes it’s better to play a certain lead two times in a row in stead of four times, just to keep the song flowing. Still, I almost deleted the remark cause the song has quite a fast Dave Mustaine solo at the end! Which is always a treat and made me almost forgot my critical remark…almost… (Ricardo)