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Temple of Dread – Blood Craving Mantras

temple of dread – blood craving mantras

This German trio makes us travel back in time, where the exciting energy of the riffs was a fundamental piece of Death Metal bands, the more incentive for violence and chaos the better. I am very fond of this sound and could spend several days quoting bands of this certain category that I listen to on daily basis but I will talk about this excellent album “Blood Craving Mantras” by the insane Temple of Dread, a great surprise and it is pure ecstasy to review such a work.

The album consists of 8 opuses of pure deadly adrenaline, including D-beats, blasts and pedalling cadence to the harshest 90s Death Metal feeling, guttural vocals but with torn middle accents that was very common by Repugnant and Malevolent Creation.

The creativity and the vibe of these guys are hitchhiking with the golden age of Death Metal, including the solos and insane harmony. There is not much time for intros and introductions here, it is receiving punches from start to finish, one after another! The revive mood is quite clear and it’s new bands like Temple of Dread that get me excited so this fine line of bands at this level will stay strong and last.

There is no highlight because all the songs are badass, what I can mention is that the last song takes you to a stranger atmosphere but when we get to the middle of the song, the spell is broken and turns into the D-beats again.

Get this fucking album, open your beers, Fire up your marijuana and get ready for the stiff neck! (Danilo Rotten)