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Swarming – Cacophony of Ripping Flesh/Recordings 2011-2012

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Another interesting collaboration where we find two re known musicians as is the case of Lasse Pyykko from the godly Hooded Menace, Phlegethon among others and else if not the death metal machine Rogga Johannsson from many many bands…you know, Paganizer, The Grotesquery, Down Among the Dead Men, Putrevore, Necrogod…and the list goes on and on. This release contains pretty much all the material recorded during the short period of existence of this project, and basically show us a very crude and rudimentary form of Death Metal, where vocals, courtesy of Mister Johannsson, sound a bit close to Stevo’s from Impetigo, you know, more maniacal than guttural, something I liked because helps to build some creepy atmosphere to the whole stuff. Another element to highlight with this item is the strong connection in certain passages with Hooded Menace when it comes to slow or mid paced passages, it is really evident particularly on the eight song “Convulsing into Eternal Doom”…which starts off with a fast entrance and then after a minute or so, slows down to the ground in a very effective manner. The sound production is pretty dirty, unpolished and why not, even a bit noisy. However don’t take me wrong, you can hear everything very balanced, so I’m not saying this is poorly mixed…is more an element of textures…very rough textures by the way. The whole release lasts 23 mins long and features 8 songs where just 3 surpass the 3 mins barrier. In general terms, very enjoyable item, highly recommended for fans of old Impetigo or early Goreaphobia…if that’s your case, don’t hesitate to get your dirty hand on this piece of stink rottenness. (Master Butcher)