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Summoning Death – The House That Screams

summoning death – the house that screams

It is very pleasant to be able to hear these sounds back. The old Death Metal with breath to Sweden and a brushstroke of the most grotesque of Doom are a powerful formula to shake the brain. In the case of Summoning Death is added a marked fondness for old horror films, mainly from the 60’s. All its songs are named after one of these films, even dated by its premiere year. “Nights of the Living Death (1968)”, “Attack of the Giant Leeches (1959)” or “The House That Screamed (1969)” are some examples.

The deep tuning is an indispensable requirement to develop this style, becoming more dirty when the bands accelerate their riffs. Summoning Death fulfils this requirement and also with a good development of the guitar arrangements, which give it the necessary dark spirit to coincide with its thematic proposal. Interesting is to note that they have acoustic passages, including a complete track based on this resource (“The Night Evelyn Came Out of the Grave”). To tell the truth, this is unusual in a band within this proposal, but it is not out of place.

Although the comparisons are annoying, it is necessary to always provide the reader with a reference. And being that the case it is inevitable to name the first productions of Edge of Sanity, Grave and Amorphis. Great Metal, rotten, old and mercenarious. (MarioR)