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Subduer – Death Monolith [EP]

subduer – death monolith [ep]

Lyrics against the horrors of religion have already started to lose their role (most people don’t even understand them, especially in extreme metal genres), that’s why the sound itself had to make the move to change that. War metal (as in Black / Death metal and not Amon Amarth) joined forces with harsh noise / electronics and spiced the concoction up with really lo-fi production and the magick happened.

In just over a year since their formation, the German duo Subduer made their way to recognition with their two outputs (both from 2018) – an EP titled “Death Monolith” and before that a split with Corpo.

Death Monolith is basically just over 17 minutes of a sensory attack. Some spoken word over electronic samples, anxiety inducing drums combined with some death growls and black metal screams, guitars that don’t really sound like guitars and no bass are structured to give a representation of what chaos sounds like. But don’t be fooled, while this band is a DIY project, they know exactly what to do and how to do it to evolve into a real beast, similar to what Nyogthaeblisz and Tetragrammacide have already done. (Black Mary)