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Stromptha – Endura Pleniluniis

stromptha – endura pleniluniis

1997-2021. 24 fuckin’ years I’m reviewing all kind releases from all over the globe and I think this the first time I’m having something from Greenland / Kalaallit Nunaat in my hands. Too bad J., the sole artist behind Stromptha, decided to relocate to France to level down the special encounter. Fuck it and fuck the ties with Denmark…Greenland it is.

“Endura Pleniluniis”, originally released as a demo but got mastered and renamed as a full-length, is a tale of two chapters; “Capitulum I: Consolament” and “Capitulum II: Trespassament”. The first one being in the Atmospheric Black Metal style which beholds Doom influences as well, nothing out of ordinary yet nothing to be annoyed about as well. The second part is far more 80s Wave and post-punk and has not a lot of connection, the distorted guitars and occasional harsh vocals a side, with the first part nor is outspoken as well.

An album of two tales shall we say, only interesting to check out if you can enjoy both tales. (Ricardo)