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Stranglion Rot – Rotten Heart of Evil

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Wow, didn’t expect such an Old School Death Metal demo sound! Strangely enough, it isn’t that pathetic as you would think. It sounds like a mix of Possessed’s “Seven Churches” and Pestilence’s “Malleus Maleficarum”. Thin but nostalgic. Same goes for the music itself. Finnish Stranglion Rot plays late 1980s Death Metal with a lot of thrash ideas. Some Possessed, Pestilence and Death are among the influences while the vocals are more in an early Tiamat vein. On the other hand, a song like “Impaled” is just pure ‘80s Thrash. Almost like early Bathory. And speaking of Bathory, I heard some “screaming” solos which gave a Bathory vibe as well. Responsible for this ancient and outdated document is the unknown artist Hietala, who is responsible for every musical note on this debut as well as the whole decorative package. It’s fun to be surprised and wander towards the era of which this music and sound was common. Unfortunately when the surprise is gone I would rather hear Bathory’s “Sacrifice” or Pestilence “Parasite”, which have a higher level than a track of “Rotten Heart of Evil”. Still, at the end I would like to shake hands with Hietala and show him my appreciation for his attitude to release something old school with such sound nowadays. (Ricardo)