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Stormvold – Third Bestial Mutilation

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Bestial Old School Death Metal! It still exists and still awakens some blackened and unholy forgotten souls to persuade them to sacrifice the innocent. Or something like that. Fact is that these Spanish Beasts created a vile piece of Blackened Old School Death Metal. I guess the band moniker has been taken of the Molested’s “Stormvold” EP (1997), who once released a very good debut album called “Blod-draum” and has Øystein Garnes Brun in their ranks (known for his work in Borknagar). The same band which is a huge influence music wise, along with acts like Sarcofago and Blasphemy. So Blackened Old School Death Metal meets War Metal. The production fits the music as it is raw and brutal. Not for the faint hearted as the music is like the message: Total Destruction. (Ricardo)