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Soulrot – All Hail the False Kings [EP]

soulrot – all hail the false kings [ep]

Death Metal from Chile. I don’t what the current best export product from Chile is, but fuckin’ Death Metal is probably right there. I had the pleasure to review their debut demo “Horrors from Beyond”, which was released by Unholy Prophecies in 2014, and I’ve missed a couple of released within that one and the “All Hail the False Kings [EP]”. Well missed them…I haven’t reviewed them.

On this EP Soulrot went a bit more Grindcore than on their previous releases. Old Carcass and Napalm Death are more present on these songs than on their debut album “Nameless Hideous Manifestations”. So they experimented slightly with the help of C. Rojas (Putrid Yell), C. Montenegro (Acrostic) and R. “Shagui” Figueroa (Ascoculto) to use different vocal styles during the songs. To point out the Grindcore connection, Soulrot have recorded the Napalm Death track “If the Truth be Known” of the “Utopia Banished” album as a cover. And although I do enjoy the Death Metal side of Soulrot, they manage to create a good Grindcore-laden EP as well (Ricardo)