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Sørgelig – Sørgelig [EP]

sørgelig – sørgelig [ep]

Sørgelig were formed in 2017 by N.D and Odius adding to the current line up NCRVZRS, Έκπτωτος and Reacttive. Greek Raw Black Metal from Volos, promising a mad trip to the world of hatred and misanthropy. On “Sørgelig”, 4 tracks decorate their latest release. With influences from Norwegian Old-school Black Metal, Sørgelig gives another meaning in the term Raw Black Metal.

Odius leading with his own desperate vocals he creates a Raw atmosphere warming the souls of those who listen it . Already beginning with a piano solo smashing the keys, Sørgelig warn you about what is about to follow. A short trip to oblivion, without return.

N.D, as the drummer and the second vocalist, provides his own depressive mood promising destruction and a different point of view about this world.  Starting with “The Bastard Son Of Pestilence’’ those emotional wrathful and angry riffs, they call you to destroy everything around you while they warm your soul at the same time. What is quite interesting about this band is that in a short period of time they have provided a vast amount of content while they already count 4 albums since 2017. “Forever Lost”, “Apostate”, “Devoted to nothingness” and “We, The Oblivious”, each one of those albums providing their own story their own trip to the void.

A must have addition for Gorgoroth’s fans . Although they have managed to put their own personal note to that genre.

Closing their EP with the track “Below the Ashes” Odius reveals his deepest thoughts inviting those who will bare to travel by his side. They always take care of reminding us that “Everything is Nothing” equating ourselves of “We are all just wanderers of Oblivion” while giving us the hope of “How Brightly Shines, our Endless Grey” until their next trip. (The Creator)