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Solothus – No King Reigns Eternal

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Solothus doesn’t play your regular doom. This band has deep death and black metal influences, with all most of their members also active on other projects: Kari (vocals on Sepulchral Curse), Juha (drums on Cataleptic), Sami (guitars on Cataleptic and Urgamla) and Tami (bass on Gorephilia). And it is something that clearly shows up on Solothus sound! Formed in 2007 in Finland, the band released a demo (“Ritual of the Horned Skull”), a split tape with Corpsessed and Undergang (“Kuolema Parantaa Kaikki Haavat”) and two full-lengths (“Summoned from the Void” on Memento Mori and their latest “No King Reings Eternal” on Doomentia Records). This last effort is a step forward when compared to their 2013 debut. Full of very good and structured riffs and guitar leads, combined with a potent rhythm section completing the package in perfect harmony. The whole band has improved, their songwriting is even more consistent and the excellent production has raised the album to its proper level! Six tracks of perfect death/doom that will not leave any fan of this genre disappointed. One final note for the brilliant artwork by Juanjo Castellano, who also contributed on albums by Avulsed, Sathanas and Blaspherian. Definitely for fans of Hooded Menace, Runemagick and Krypts. Don’t miss this! (Antonio)