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Snorlax – Splintering [Demo]

snorlax – splintering [demo]

Snorlax is the solo-project of Brendan Auld, an Australian multi-instrumentalist with some recording and mixing experience as well as he is connected with Black Blood Audio. With Snorlax Aussie Auld feasts his urge to create some Death/Black Metal which has a fast as well as a gloomy approach. For instance, if you listen to the opening track “Righteous Virtue”, you get immediately sucked into a whirlwind of fast Black Metal riffs, but later on it transforms into a mid-tempo gloomy Death Metal riff (a bit like late Soulburn) and before you know it the whirlwind is back again.

With a track like “Perpetual Paralysis”, both tracks are approx. 2:30 minutes, he uses the same song writing which gives the tracks variation, but doesn’t justify the talent of Auld. The fast parts aren’t something special and rather common, the gloomy middle part within “Righteous Virtue” is certainly interesting, even that kind of interesting that I’m hoping he will focus more on those parts with his next release. Nothing wrong with this demo at all, it gives a glance of what Snorlax can evolve into. (Ricardo)