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Smothered – The Inevitable End

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Forget He-Man and the power of Grayskull, all hail the power of Boss HM-2! Enough with the 1980’s cartoon references, this is Smothered…this is Old School Swedish Death Metal. After one demo (the three tracks are also present on this album) Soulseller Records from The Netherlands signed this Swedish combo after already have signed fellow Old School Death Metal bands like Entrapment, Stench, Repuked, Repugnant and Maim in the past. Let’s give Soulseller some credit for having an eye for fine putrid quality. It’s not like you haven’t heard this before, nor will it kick some classick albums of their thrones, but I find it a bit refreshing when a band tries to weave some melodic hooks in their Old School Swedish Death Metal without sounding like the last Evocation…for example. “The Inevitable End” is more towards the first two Dismember albums than the debut of Grave; more focus on the riffs than the groove sort of speak. As said, in the end it will not blow you away or will let you sell your SweDeath classicks within a couple of seconds, but it’s a damn fine album to have in your collection. (Ricardo)