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Slithering Decay – Aeons Untold

slithering decay – aeons untold

After 2 demos Slithering Decay from Belgium, featuring some veterans of the scene as (ex-)members of Gorath, Theudho, and Fleshmould among others are on the list, got picked up by Testimony Records  to release their “Aeons Untold” debut.

When Testimony Records is printed on the info sheet, you bet your ass we’re dealing with some Old School Death Metal. Undeniable is the main influence as well, as Slithering Decay sounds Swedish to the bone. HM2-buzzsaw medium shall we say as it is not über crunchy, but that is not an obstacle for one second.

If you, for example, enjoy the Fleshcrawl interpretation of the beloved Swedish Death Metal sound, you will not go wrong with Slithering Decay. (Ricardo)