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Slimelord – Insurmountable Peril [EP]

slimelord – insurmountable peril [ep]

Obtaining ⅗ of Cryptic Shift & two members as their first project, Slimelord once again offers another EP titled “Insurmountable Peril” to add to your collection.

Assuming it would be drawn out compared to their previous & wonderfully crafted “Moss Contamination”, felt a bit gypped at first but after listening, you get ten minutes of creatively mixing progressive death metal scales that come off as pieces of riffs connected into one, along with a Death/Doom instrumental.

Artwork done by Fernando JFL, featured before for covers of Suffering Sights, Convulsive, & Vile Rites. I admire the devotion to keep within the greenery, mossy nature theme & this cover is perfect to their vision.

Opens with “Until We Feed Again” exhibits a style that’s subdued, diaphanous tonality generating a bleak aura, bracing yourself of what’s to come. Then there’s the impenetrably capacious “Death On The Bayou”, leaving sentiments of serenity and trepidation. This track alone shows major progression from previous EP, experimenting with upbeat tempos opposed to lethargic, necessary amount of lucid blast beats to cut through those meticulous riffs, bass lines giving necessary texture to resonate the dismal atmosphere, & gutturals that reverberate into the void. Production overall is polished with tinge of reverb not drowning out any components & keeps within their dark doomy range while stepping out of the box throwing in bits of inspiration from older acts like disEMBOWELMENT, Incantation & Rippikoulu along with contemporary acts like Spectral Voice, Cryptic Brood & Krypt.

So pissed this isn’t longer but also so pleased & eager to hear their upcoming full length. (Tori Belle)