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Slaughterday – Ancient Death Triumph

slaughterday – ancient death triumph

The triple B from Germany! Bald Bearded Bastards! The third full-length from Jens Finger and Bernd Reiners is a massive one as the Death Metal presented on “Ancient Death Triumph” is a great mix of several Old School Death Metal legends as you can hear the slower groove of Autopsy along with the fine tunes of Death during the “Leprosy” days. And they easily switch towards a Bolt Thrower passage as well.

But that’s not all, as the leads are definitely worth to mention as they are being performed in a fitting Floridian combined with nowadays Carcass-way. In the tradition of Slaughterday, they are have added a cover once again, this time being Anvil’s “Thumb Hang”. Definitely a good slab of OSDM! (Ricardo)