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Skinfather – Succession / Possession [EP]

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“Skinfather…Larger than lies…Faithfucked believer…Use your own eyes!”. It’s almost impossible not to connect Dismember with this American band, although choosing a band moniker from a track of the “Massive Killing Capacity” album would be more appropriate. Unfortunately Casket Garden was already taken, still Skinfather recorded the song as a cover. Being described as a Hardcore / Death Metal band, this has nothing to do with Deathcore, and to be honest I only hear some minor Hardcore influences in the vocals, as vocalist Kurt Swensson sounds like a hoarse Matti Kärki or L.G. Petrov who has been forced to grab the mic while having a cold. But if they delete the “hardcore” part in many publications, I think no one would be using the term “Hardcore” in any way. That havin’ said, Skinfather plays the more midtempo Swedish Death Metal style which can be heard on the aforementioned “Massive Killing Capacity” and Entombed’s “Wolverine Blues”, but do play it less ‘n roll. Enjoyable? Sure…but for me it’s all to groovy to enjoy it for, let’s say 60 minutes. Therefore I miss too much of the faster parts or aggressiveness which the Dismember classics “Like an Everflowing Stream” or “Indecent and Obscene” or Entombed’s “Left Hand Path” have. But that is personal, as these guys do know how to play. If you are into the groovy part of the SweDeath scene, you have to keep an eye on Skinfather! (Ricardo)