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Skelethal – Morbid Revelations

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The reputation of Skelethal is noticeable beyond the underground and maybe they will follow the path of their country mates Necrowretch. Pulverised Records gives the first push by releasing this compilation of all their recordings so far. On this album you will find the “Insterstellar Knowledge of the Purple Entity” EP (2014, released by Iron Bonehead Productions (12”) and Caligari Records (tape)), “Deathmanicvs Revelation” EP (2014, same as the other EP) and their “Morbid Ovation” Demo (2012, also released as a split with Inisans by Caligari Records). The “Deathmanicvs Revelation” EP and the split version of the demo was reviewed in our previous issue and was described as “end 1980s morbid Death Metal”. On the demo the rotten Death Metal was a combination of the Swedish scene (Carnage, Nihilist and the Grave demos) along with old Sepultura (hence the “Show me the Wrath” cover) but on the EP it was more Autopsy and less Sepultura. On the “Insterstellar Knowledge of the Purple Entity” EP the French depraved duo has chosen Carnage’s “Torn Apart” as a cover, and it fits like a glove. Of all the recordings, the sound of this EP is the best one. As all the recordings are on limited vinyl and tapes, it certainly is a nice gesture by Pulverised Records to release everything on one disc. At the end you will hear the special radio appearance on San Jose’s KFJC 89.7FM entitled “Dead At KFJC”. At least a “must listen” for everyone who is into Old School Death Metal. I think Necrowretch and Skelethal would be a nice package to travel around… (Ricardo)