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Skeletal Spectre – Voodoo Dawn

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Vanessa Nocera, the wife of label boss Billy Nocera of Razorback Records, is back with one of her bands. Besides acts like Howling and Scaremaker, she is also active with two unknown individuals in the Old School Doom/Death combo Skeletal Spectre. The style can be described as a Doom version of a groovy Old School Swedish Death Metal band. I think I’ve nailed it, ha! The D-beat is quite present, as is the Swedish sound, but all with a wink towards the old Doom scene. A one night stand between Entombed and Hooded Menace, with Entombed doing all the humping, if you will. When you hear the straightforward “Bone Dust”, it could be easily a track of any of the nowadays Old School Swedish Death Metal albums, as “Black Augury Hallow” is far more Doom (opening riff) and ‘n roll driven. Adding the powerful growl of Vanessa and you have a nice listen with “Voodoo Dawn”. (Ricardo)