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Sinister – Gods of the Abyss [EP]

sinister – gods of the abyss [ep]

Although Sinister is still alive and kickin’, VIC Records released an old promo that led to the release of “Afterburner”. Back in 2003, after the release of “Savage or Grace” (with Aad Kloosterwaard behind the drum kit and Rachel Heyzer (known for her vocal duties in Occult and Pathology) behind the microphone grunting her guts out) Sinister quit and all members went their own way and Aad and Rachel put their energy in Infinited Hate. But after a while Aad and Alex Paul had a good conversation, a laugh or two and discussed to form a band again. It became “No Face Slave” and started writing material. As they thought their new material was far too much “Sinister”, they called Paul Beltman to replace Aad as a drummer so Aad could concentrate on his new career as vocalist. They recorded 4 tracks, this promo, which resulted in a renewed deal with Nuclear Blast and recorded slightly different versions of the 4 tracks (and some new ones) and voilà…”Afterburner” is there! Once again the booklet contains rare pics of that era as well as an interview with Aad. If you spin “Afterburner” often, now you can hear how the demo tracks sounded like. Also a nice addition for every Sinister maniac out there to complete their collection. (Ricardo)