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Sickrites – Irreverent Death Megaliths

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An album which was already released in 2013 as a LP by Cryptic Visions Arts, from a Russian Death/Black metal band called Sickrites which got founded in 2009. The debut full-length that is, as Sickrites first released an EP and 2 splits (with Nuclearhammer and Ill Omened). It is possible you haven’t heard from this band before, as the extreme metal played by Sickrites is quite unrefined and diabolical. The band itself stated this album will appeal fans of Blasphemy, Old Samael and Beherit. I understand why they mentioned those 3 bands and I myself would like to add some Incantation to this satanic ritual background music. The addition of some classical orchestra instruments during “Deathstorms” gave the music an even more devilish atmosphere. Well done! According to some online information, Sickrites is not a live band and they have never met each other. But there will be 2 new 7”s with Wargoat and Pestilentia released soon. I myself have to be in the mood for this, and therefore will not always put some Sickrites on, but if you are totally into the extreme and distorted dark side of the Black/Death Metal blend, keep Sickrites in mind. (Ricardo)