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Sewer – Death Miasma [EP]

sewer – death miasma [ep]

Death metal trio Sewer, based out of Ohio, offers their second EP “Death Miasma”, a few months after previous “Psychotic Melodies” debuted. Production is rough, reminiscent of late 80s stocky recording, revolving around influences from Autopsy, Exhumed, & Mortician. Extending this EP by a couple minutes, Sewer pursues resonating an overflowing septic tank with mostly mid to upbeat tempos, unrefined format that oozes nostalgia & appreciation of zombies. And, assuming last track “Back From The Dead” was an Obituary cover (as they did on “Psychotic Melodies” with Mortician’s “Zombie Apocalypse”), pleasantly surprised to hear something of their own instead!

Cover image by Costa Rican artist, Gilbert Miranda, owner of Blazing Obscurity Productions & has also created works for Deformity, Morbid Funeral, & Thonian Horde. Drawn to sharpness in detail & coloration, it’s a blend of Impetigo’s “Horror of The Zombies” meets Ep Repka illustration style.

Four tracks stretched to nearly 13 minutes, each tune stands out. Starting with swift opener, “Death Miasma”, simplistic structure with prominent old school feel, crossing catchy drum work & unadorned riffs, going with Hasque Kestner’s hoarse, gruff cadence only folks living among effluvium can pull off. “Shotgun Massacre” features a dubbed sample of cult classic They Live (which is eerily becoming reality), before catering into drumming that crosses Grind, Death, 80s “Death” Thrash techniques giving this release more pep to peak interest. “Realm of Decay”, organic tone highlights more guitar work, even hosting a brief solo towards outro, vocally more throaty in pitch, eerily natural sound compared to other tracks, as if right behind you doing this.

“Back From The Dead” has this fun energy to it and the perfect way to round out this yearning for music that mirrors old school feel with straightforward concepts and showcasing good elements of classic Death / Thrash metal and we thank you for it! (Tori Belle)