Extreme Metal Fanzine est. 2012

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Sepulcration – Undead Rising [EP]

sepulcration – undead rising [ep]

This Spanish cult started back in 2015, with the purpose to play Death Metal inspired on terror passages, cruel atmospheres and cemetery stench. It is clear these guys are going for the putrid and rotten kind of Death Metal, otherwise the statement would include the smell of lavender which creates the right atmosphere for a scenery of jumping lambs (no…not for sacrificing) in a meadow. No, it has to be a cemetery again…

Sepulcration is indeed straightforward Death Metal…no twists, no tweaks, no melodic ideas, no solos, just straightforward Death Metal based on groove accompanied by a low growl. They do have a Vomitory’s “Opus Mortis VIII” vibe going on, but with less variation in the riffs which gives me the feeling it lacks the last punch in the guts and therefore will not stand out in the masses of releases. But it seems they are planning to release new material, so I hope they develop that last bit of “oomph!”. if you know what I mean.

But if you are into straightforward Old School Death Metal with groove as main ingredient and cemeteries as lovely decor, you will definitely enjoy “Undead Rising”. (Ricardo)