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Sepsis – Twisted Remains [Demo]

sepsis – twisted remains [demo]

We are the kids of America…wohooo…Everbody lives for blood, vomit and guts! Judging by the photo, I’m listening to some blood covered doom-laden Old School Death Metal played by 3 very young chaps from the US. Age shouldn’t be a thing, but I’m happy to know young talent still pops up and appreciate the style of Extreme Metal of which their influences were alive and kickin’ way before they were born. In this case the mighty Autopsy and a bit of old Pungent Stench. And it is almost like Sam Hughes is the son of Chris Reifert himself as he is the combination of drummer and vocalist as well.

As in the style of old Autopsy and Pungent Stench, you will hear variation in the pace of the riffs accompanied with a roaring bass. All with the right demo recording sound in a basement, preferably in ones parents’ house. Please guys, don’t grow up or gain a sophisticated and distinguished taste of music you wish to follow as a musician, so the future of Old School Death Metal lives on. (Ricardo)