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Sathanas – Necrohymns

sathanas – necrohymns

The devil is back. Sathanas from Pennsylvania are a long-lasting extreme metal group who  constantly delivers and is often overlooked by the majority, something that puzzles me regarding the high quality releases the band putted out in their 30 years of existence. Needless to say that the band celebrates it in the best possible way with their 10th full length. And after 3 decades their blend of Blackened Thrash induced Death Metal sounds fresh, authentic, strong with balls bigger than AC/DC`s bell. The record flows so naturally, you can see that these guys are pros in their crafts. The songs are catchy, thanks to the song writing abilities, but also thanks to the mid-tempo reigning necrohymns with those thrash elements like palm muted staccato riffs or the more punkish elements Killjoy would still love(RIP). Sometimes Nunslaughter or Necrophagia are somehow present with their necrovibes. Headbangers be prepared to bang `til death, because here we got enough material to do so. Sathanas avoid being the fastest hypertechnical band on the planet as they simply write Necrohymns. Necro-Birthday Sathanas!  (DPF)