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Satanic Threat – In to Hell

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I received the album “In to Hell” from the hardcore band Satanic Threat by members of Midnight (9) and Nunslaughter from Cleveland, Ohio. They play a Satanic tribute to 80’s hardcore and Minor Threat more specifically. This albums was originally released in 2008 but now Hells Headbangers and Gloom Records have collected the entire oeuvre from these guys, meaning the 8 tracks from the original album and 8 live-tracks recorded in their hometown Cleveland. By the way also the one and only gig they’ve ever played. Because of its success, this re-issue couldn’t stay out… What can you expect? Well, fast paced songs, up tempo punkish drums and one hell of a special voice. Without doubt a good mix between Nunslaughter and Minor Threat, but fans of bands like Uniform Choice and Youth of today will also dig this stuff. Short said it’s like I’ve mentioned above, it’s some kind of hardcore album, but then with a devilish outcome. Tracks as “Guilty of Hating Christ”, “Satanic Threat”, “Small God, Big Cross”, “Cursing at the Cross” (one of my favorites) and “Don’t follow him” underline their statement. If there’s a God…well, then this album definitely is dedicated to him! Good release, but I’ve to warn you…if you listen to “In to Hell” several times in a row, it loses its excitement in my opinion, so carefully read the leaflet before use. This one is unique in its own way and I surely dig it! (Fredde)